Fit Fascia Solutions

Hands-on experience is the best experience

Fit Fascia Solutions is bringing our hands-on learning to beautiful Cosa Rica. Here are the learning objectives for our 5 night, 6 day educational and fun retreat.

With pineapple smoothie in hand, we’re bringing you the current research on the structure and function of the fascial system, why it’s been named the largest organ of the body, and why everybody is talking about it. Participants will be able to identify possible causes of fascial dysfunction, and learn ways to safely address them. You’ll leave with confidence and understanding of a variety of current fascial fitness approaches and be ready and excited to continue your fascial fitness journey.

For the teachers out there, here are the objectives.


Retreat attendees will be able to

  1. describe the basic structure and components of fascia
  2. based on research in the last 10 years, list at least three things the fascial system does besides structural support
  3. understand the relationship between fascia and posture, mobility, and pain
  4. list the names of at least 5 commonly described lines of fascia
  5. demonstrate at least one movement/activity that engages each line with a) tension, and b) contraction/compression. (e.g. cobra pose stretches the front line and compresses the back line)
  6. list two or more things that can lead to fascial dysfunction
  7. describe three commonly occurring pain syndromes related to fascial dysfunction
  8. list indications and contraindications for fascial therapy
  9. describe three common postural fascial restrictions and how to find them
  10. identify five readily available tools marketed to the public for fascial treatment
  11. discuss pros and cons of commonly seen fascial tools, and the presence or absence of scientific evidence for each.
  12. safely and effectively use (and instruct proper use of) the most common fascial tools