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Sunday, October 6th 10am – Austin


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Date: Sunday, October 6th

Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Location: Austin

Description: This class is the most in-depth course, getting into the details of fascia lines, showing you exactly where they are and then showing you how to work with it. This class is created for parents to attend with their young athletes, to learn hands-on techniques to improve your athletic performance and how to take health back into your hands, literally.

During this class, we cover:

  • What is fascia and how does it affect your performance?  
  • The basic anatomy of fascia
  • How to maintain healthy fascia
  • What are fascia lines?

We get down and dirty with covering the basics and while you learn, you are touching, feeling and looking at fascia! This class also includes hands-on training where we show you where fascia lines are and teach you how to treat it. We have various stations setup to teach you how to work with your athlete, use various tools to keep fascia loose and how you can help them care for their fascia. We got into details, such as how to release their IT bands, hamstrings and so much more – all for the end goal of increased athletic performance.

Duration: 3-Hour In-Depth Instruction