Fit Fascia Solutions offers hands-on interactive workshops to help athletes improve their performance with self-treatment fascia care techniques.

Young athletes who want to improve their athletic performance and overall health and wellness.


Group interactive workshops that teach fascial education and hands-on body awareness training.


To enhance athletic performance, relieve pain, and to prevent injuries and long-term damage.


Learn hands-on techniques to improve your fascial health, release adhesions and maintain healthy fascia.

Fascia Training Courses

Our hands-on classes are designed to teach you about fascia, how it affects your athletic performance and how to properly care for it.

Recommended Tools

Our Fascia Experts have curated a variety of tools and materials that will help optimize your at-home fascia treatment.

First Responder Solutions

Long hours, physical work, heavy vests and belts, and stress are among a few of the contributing factors to low back pain in police officers. In fact, chronic low back pain and other chronic pain issues result in a high rate of disability in police officers and other first-responders. Most of the pain is generated by our highly sensitive, highly innervated fascial system. Learn how to take care of this vast network of connective tissue that holds your body together and connects your nose to your toes. You’ll be surprised how simple understanding of this system can change the way you think about movement, exercise, and fitness. Learn how things like the foam roller and other fascial tools can be used to prevent injury, speed recovery, and have you feeling your best!