Fascia Training Feedback

Don't take it from us--see what our students have to say about the impact of fascia training and treatment on their lives!

I attended a recent workshop presented by Jenea Frierson.  Jenea demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the Fascia Blaster, clearly communicated the need for fascia care for athletes, as well as non-athletes.  I particularly appreciated that she included hands-on demonstrations in the workshop and definitely tailored the presentation to the needs of the audience, which was primarily a group of high school athletes.  I would recommend attending one of Jenea’s workshops for anyone that has an interest in better health and improved athletic performance.

Stephen J. Rembish, Ph.D.

Fascia blasting and cupping has improved my life by reducing the inflammation in my body and releasing fascia and tension in my muscles allowing me to be relaxed and stress free. It also helps me be able to do tough workouts knowing that I can recover quickly with the handheld fascia blaster. Jenea taught me how to self treat in between seeing her, and it has made a huge difference in my flexibility.

Spencer, High School Basketball Player

As a former Miss Texas Sweetheart turned Bodybuilder in the Bikini category I am constantly training and pushing my muscles. After just a few sessions with FFS, I could tell my training sessions were more effective and I wasn’t in as much pain. I was able to lift heavier weights and saw significant growth, especially in my hamstrings. I recommend fasciablasting, cupping and foam rolling to all of my bodybuilding friends. The benefit to muscle is perfect for those of us who push ourselves in the gym and are hard on our bodies. I also recommend it to friends who will soon be undergoing surgery in the near future. It definitely helped to prep my body for the procedure. If you’re looking to gain better flexibility, build muscle, or even minimize the appearance of cellulite, fascia blasting is for you.

Rachel, Bodybuilder, Bikini Category

Chronic back pain has been a hole in my energy bucket that I don’t need. I have tried numerous interventions with little success for well over a decade. A friend recommended I meet with Kathleen Stross. I started seeing her 3 months ago. Our appointments are very different from the physical therapists, chiropractor, and doctors I’ve visited. Kathleen is interested in listening, in teaching me about how my muscles and fascia are working or not working, and giving me a range of new tools to address the underlying issues. I think my favorite part of our sessions is her attention to details. Small adjustments in a stretch or exercise make a big difference. She makes sure I know what I’m looking for and how a particular stretch should feel. I feel like I have a new “back diet” that has given me a noticeable reduction in intensity and frequency in pain. From stretching, to working out trigger points, to this fascial massage tool, Kathleen showed me how to use these tools in a way I can easily add into my week, and encouraged me to listen to my body. When I have felt muscle fatigue or soreness, she offered modifications and encouraged me to slow down and find the intensity that work for me.  It has been exciting to feel a new understanding of my body and have hope that there is a way forward where back pain is not central in my life.

Claire S, 37 years young, mother of 4

I am very thankful to Jenea for helping me better understand the importance of maintaining healthy fascia.  Jenea has been working with my family for a while now and helped educate us all around how to use the fascia tools to maintain a healthy body.  As an older active athlete (Masters Swimmer), it is important that I am able to help my body recover from strenuous exercise and Jenea’s education around fascia has been instrumental in helping me to perform at a high level.  I often use a fascia tool at swim meets to keep my muscles ready to race.

Jenea also helped educate me as to how to work with my 16 year old son (soccer and track athlete) so he can maintain his fascia.  She showed me how to use the tools effectively and I have been able to work with him over the past year.  This has proven to help him remove soreness after a hard workout, prevent injury, and reduce pain.

James C., Masters Athlete (Swimming), Parent of Student Athlete

Last month I hurt my shoulder playing a sport and it was keeping me from doing things I wanted to do, like workout and play with my teammates. I recalled the things I had learned from Kathleen, about how my fascia works and the exercises I could do to get my shoulder back to full health and keep it healthy longer. Using her advice, I was able to get back out on the field much more quickly. I would absolutely recommend her classes or consultation.

Sam Voss, Baylor Ultimate Frisbee, Army ROTC

We have learned so much from Kathleen Stross.  She is an excellent instructor and mentor and a pleasure to work with.  We first met Kathleen when she taught a class in November 2016.  Her class was the reason we decided to introduce fascial work to our clientele.  She is knowledgeable in her field and takes the time to explain and demonstrate techniques in a way that everyone can understand. I’d definitely recommend her services.

Sheri Hollaway, Lumiere Spa, Houston, Texas

I’ve worked with Kathleen as a colleague (2004-2005), so I’ve witnessed her miracles first-hand time and again.  Her knowledge coupled with her sensitive intuit and upbeat encouragement give people their lives back.  I recommend Kathleen on the regular to anyone experiencing even a slight imbalance; so she can get them back to better-than-ever function.  If anyone can, it’s Kathleen.

Ali Blake, Structural Integration, CST, Stretch-To-Win Therapist, Bodyworker

Healthy Fascia 101 Student Feedback

More than 90% of the participants strongly believed that the course with Jenea and Kathleen was excellent, worth their time, would recommend to others, and was worth the money they paid for it.

It was very informative to know what actually goes on in the body and how to treat your pain and becoming more mobile. I really liked the illustrations and hands-on activities because it helped with my understanding. Great experience!

Ryan Walker, Baseball Player (Pitcher)

I really enjoyed the class today! It was a great demonstration of how and why things hurt in your body. It was also really cool to be able to use the tools and see how they work. I learned a lot today! Thank you!

Drew R., High School Baseball Player

I learned so much information on how to prevent injuries but also why they happen and I will definitely be getting tools because just in the short amount of practicing with them my legs already feel so much better!

Kristin L, High School Softball Player

“Interested in future education to learn more about fascia and endocrine systems”

“Thank you so very much!”

“Advanced courses for Pros!”

“Advanced Techniques and Conditions!”

“Migraine Help!”

“Very useful! Thank you Kathleen!”

“Thank you so much. It was inspiring and full of useful information that I will use on myself and on my clients!”

“Very informative!”

“Glad I came!”

“Love your enthusiasm!”

“More education for the lay person”

“More hands on training, please, and a Level 2 Course!”

“You are amazing—I learned lots and validated many things I have been doing on my own!”


Anonymous Students