Recommended Tools

Our Fascia Experts have curated a variety of tools and materials that will help optimize your at-home fascia treatment. Shop our recommended products below quickly and easily from Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate, Fit Fascia Solutions earns from qualifying purchases.

Clawed Tool

This is the most convenient, portable clawed fascia tool. Throw it in your bag for warm-up or cool-down. Use on lubricated skin or over tight gym clothes. The two ends can be used for trigger point massage.

Basic Firm Foam Roller

Use a basic foam roller like this to roll out your fascial adhesions, encourage hydration of tissues, and encourage repair of sore muscles and fascia.  Beginners should start with a softer, medium density foam roller.

Soft Foam Roller

If you want a softer roller, this one is what you need.

Extra Firm Foam Roller

If you’ve been using the foam roller for awhile, and you want MORE, try going FIRM or EXTRA FIRM.

Back Buddy Massage Tool

This tool is an option if you want to want to work out knots, aka trigger points, in your fascia. The variety of knobs and balls, combined with this unique shape make it perfect for reaching and helping out those hard-to-reach places. Kathleen recommends the Trigger Point Manuals to use with this tool.

Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

This is the perfect companion guide for those looking for help with trigger point self-treatment. Not only does this book explain the science behind trigger point and fascial pain syndromes, but it shows you how to locate your trigger points and offers a variety of options to knock them out and keep them gone. This book is a must for those purchasing the Back Buddy massage tool.

Spikey Roller Stick Tool

This spikey roller-stick is a stimulating alternative to the clawed fascial sticks. Use this over your clothing, or directly on your skin. No need for skin lubrication because it ROLLS, and the little rubber spikes provide an invigorating massage to your superficial fascia.

Lite Yoga Mat

We love this 4mm yoga mat. It’s made with sustainably sourced natural rubbers and is thick and slip-resistant! Keep your bones and joints safe while on this mat and don’t worry about slipping, even if you are sweating or oiled up!