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Healthy Fascia 101


2 Hours of Instruction, Offered on Saturdays

This class is for athletes who want to improve their performance by learning about fascia, what it is and how it can affect their overall muscle tone, strength and flexibility. During the 2-hour class, we cover the basic anatomy of fascia, use interactive tools and techniques to teach how to properly care for injured fascia and maintain healthy fascia

Advanced Fascia Training


3 Hours of Instruction, Offered on Sundays

This class is created for parents, coaches, and trainers. Parents are encouraged to attend with their young athletes to learn hands-on techniques to improve your athlete’s performance. This 3-hour class is educational, informative and interactive! You’ll learn the basics of fascia, how to prevent injury, and hands-on techniques to properly care for it to be better, stronger, and faster!

Custom Fascia Training


By Request Only

Not sure what you need? We can tailor a course specific to your group of athletes to address specific fascia techniques and help achieve your performance goals.


Coco Beach, Costa Rica

Join us for 6 days in beautiful Costa Rica for a specialized retreat dedicated to learning about fascia, fitness and so much more. This retreat includes cooking classes, nutrition classes, fascia classes, plus plenty of leisure time to enjoy the beauty and nature of Costa Rica. The cost also includes three meals a day, housing and airport transportation. This is an amazing opportunity to experience an incredible getaway and connect with like-minded women.

Past Events

Fit Fascia Solutions has been offering specialized Fascia Training for years for groups of all types and sizes.

January 28 – Healthy Fascia 101 Austin, TX

February 10 – Advanced Hands-On Fascia Training Sugarland, Texas
November 9 – Healthy Fascia 101 Austin, Texas Circle C

June 24 – Advanced Hands-On Fascia Training Embassy Suites, Dallas Park Central
July 22 – Healthy Fascia 101 Homewood Suites Houston, TX
October 21 – Advanced Hands-On Fascia Training Tyler, TX
November 10 Advanced Hands-On Fascia Training Austin, TX
November 29 – Healthy Fascia 101 Austin, TX